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Professional Home Audio

Distributed Home Audio

Are you an audiophile?  Do you expect the sound in your luxury home to be faithfully reproduced the way the sound engineer intended?  From the planning stage all the way to the installation and calibration of your high performance audio components, We have you covered...  We consult with you, your builder, and your interior designer so that we can take into account your room size, materials in the room, acoustics and considerations as well as how the installation will look and sound when it is finished...  A media room, a dedicated listening room, a home theater, doesn't just sound good by accident - we make these home audio rooms sound great with planning and purpose...  

Professional distributed home audio installations in Asheville and all of WNC (Western North Carolina)
Professional home audio installation in Asheville NC and all of Western North Carolina (WNC)

Dedicated Listening Rooms

Balanced form and function, that is the ProAudio way.  We can help you achieve a sleek and powerful audio experience that sounds nothing less than what a live performance would sound like.  Close your eyes and you are transported to front and center!  High performance audio isn't just power, it's sound quality that moves your feet, or makes the hairs stand on end with the delicate notes of a symphony.  One part art, and one part science equals one great custom listening room that the deepest most critical listeners will certainly become immersed in...  Contact us for a free consultation to discover how you can bring a professional audio space like this into your luxury home...

Professionally installed OLED 4k UHD TV with a 7.1 Surround sound system integrated with RTI home automation technology in Asheville NC WNC...


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