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5 Basic Elements of Smart Home Technology

Asheville NC

aspects of smart home technology in Asheville NC
Smart Home Technology

There are really just 5 basic elements of smart home technology that everything fits neatly into. Each element can be separately managed by individual apps and such, or each of these 5 areas can be integrated into a single interface that can monitor and control every aspect of your luxury smart home’s technology. I am going to explore what a smart home should contain on a basic level to define what the aspects are and how we can bring all the elements together into a single application to manage your smart home properly and easily from your phone, interfaces within your home or remotely…

Security is the first thing I think of when talking about a smart home. A smart house should have at least a basic security system that can be monitored remotely by the homeowner as well as a professional monitoring company if there is some kind of break in or other threat to home and property. Your Integrator should evaluate the home and property and put together a cohesive security plan. What kind of sensors do you need? Do you have a large and complex building that has many entrances, windows on lower levels? How is the home laid out? Is a wireless Security System appropriate for the home, or is there a wired solution that would be more appropriate for you? Do you wish to have access control integrated and remotely accessible and controlled? Do you wish to see live camera feeds from your North Carolina Home while you are vacationing in Florida? Do you want to have the peace of mind that comes with a meticulously planned and professionally installed security system that gives you the ability to not only see your home, but interact with it and protect your family from any where in the world?

Energy Management is another aspect of what smart house technology can do for you. You can not only monitor energy usage, but you can actively control your energy usage locally or remotely utilizing an app right from your phone. Left for vacation and all the lights are on at the house? Heat left on 90 degrees at the indoor pool? No problem, just hop on your phone and take care of it! Scenes can be created that can activate a

t the push of a button or occur with the rising and setting of the sun to open and close shades, adjust temperatures, and manage lighting at appropriate times so that your home’s energy can be efficiently managed from anywhere.

Comfort in your home is what we are all trying to achieve. You can activate a scene that adjusts lighting to what you want it to be, adjusts your room temperature, play some music, or turn on a tv without having to get up from your work, or activity. Answer the door from your chair by seeing who is out there (or not answer the door depending on who is out there) … You can create a space that is made for you without having to go around the house to set lighting levels on 30 dimmers, turn on an amplifier, switch the amplifier to play music in the room or rooms you want, go over to the thermostat to set the temperature, and on and on and on. This leads right into convenience of the home. Instead of having to do it all yourself and walk the perimeter of your home turning on and off lights, you can simply activate a “Night” scene, or a “Goodbye” scene or my favorite, a “Welcome Home” scene… Convenience is an understatement when you don’t have to remember to leave a key under a rock for a contractor – you can just unlock the door from anywhere and go about your day without having to meet

with said contractor to show them where the key is and such – and not only that your security can be compromised by forgetting the key under the rock and someone knows where it is… Your smart home can deliver superior comfort and convenience when properly applied, and especially when your integrator listens to you and then follows up with you to make sure that what you got is truly what you are asking for. We have found that this can be the biggest issue where a technology company does a great installation however the details have been left out, or the client does not know how to use the app. We make sure we have the understanding that we need to do a great project complete with all the little details above and beyond any expectations to make sure that your systems are intuitive, easy to use, and convenient to utilize as a family.

Entertainment is a must in today’s home. Ease of entertainment choices are what we specialize in – setting the mood and having a great experience free of any troubles or hiccups. A Solid network is the backbone of your entertainment system. Wi-Fi should be available in the deepest corners or farthest reaches of the home, as well as great speeds and reliability. Built on your network is the ability to stream high-definition music and video content, throughout the home. Properly configured networks build in safety, security, and reliability not only for basic computing uses, but for the entire network of IoT or Internet of things within your smart home. Superior Video services integrated with amazing sound throughout the home and home theater is only part of our smart home package.

Security, comfort, convenience, energy management and entertainment are all individual aspects of the modern smart home, however, it is when you integrate all these services into a single, coherent, and easy to use interface, you can genuinely enjoy your smart house to the fullest. There are many apps and platforms that get a lot of this right, but most cannot actually fully integrate all aspects of your smart home technology in one place. That is why we have partnered with RTI and Savant to not only be able to provide cutting edge integration, but to be able to provide the best available products based on your needs as a smart homeowner.

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